Training and Education

Three Oaks Foundation offers presentations and education on on domestic violence and related and topics to community agencies, groups, schools and organizations. Call the Training and Public Education Coordinator to learn about Three Oaks Foundation and domestic violence related topics.

Available Presentations:

  • History of Three Oaks Foundation and Services – This presentation educates people on Three Oaks Foundation and the various programs that are offered. It also talks about the referral process and gives an understanding of the everyday life at the shelter.
  • Abuse – This presentations includes, what is abuse, signs of abuse, different types of abuse, how to help those in abusive situations and the programs offered at Three Oaks Foundation. This presentation will include the effects on Children’s Exposure to Abuse and Elder Abuse.
  • Healthy Relationships – Looks at dating and violence, signs of an unhealthy relationship and signs of healthy relationships. This presentation can be geared towards all ages.
  • Rural Women and Abuse – This presentation focuses on the barriers and circumstances that affect women in rural areas that live with violence in their lives. Includes how community organizations can help make a positive difference in the lives of these women and children.
  • Why Women Stay – This presentation focuses on helping people develop a better understanding of why women stay or return to abusive relationships.
  • Bullying – This presentation focuses on what is bullying, signs and causes of bullying and what you can do to prevent bullying. It can be geared for young people or for parents and youth workers.